Annual Business Meeting 2006

Held January 4, 2006
At Million Air –CMH
(Minutes recorded by John Clem, Secretary)

Meeting called to order

Greg Casagrande, Vice President, presiding
Meeting Opened at 7:55 P.M.
Quorum Declared by Secretary John Clem

Secretary’s Report

Motion to dispense with reading of previous meeting minutes

Motion: Ed Bannen
Second: Jim Holt
Motion Passed

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Bill Freeman, was unable to attend. Treasurer’s report read by Roy Cottrill.

I, William A Freeman, Treasurer, do submit this financial report this day, 1-01-06 for the Professional Pilots Association.

  • Cash on hand $ 200.00
  • Cash in checking $1838.96
  • Total $2038.96

Other Assets
14 ea 5ft tables
50 ea folding chairs

I have been informed of a $500 donation to be forthcoming.

William A Freeman, Treas.

Motion to accept report:
Motion: Phil Yoder
Second: Curt Hiser
Motion Passed

Old Business –

Jim Holt indicated that Lane Aviation wished to sponsor future PPA meeting.
Roy Cottrill stated that all the club’s tables and chairs had been paid for by donations.

New Business

Vice President Casagrande solicited nominations and volunteers for PPA offices for the April or May meeting. Vice President stated that the February meeting would be sponsored by Spirit Aviation and held at their facility west of the old CMH terminal building.

Motion to adjourn by:
Motion: Roy Cottrill
Seconded by: Dick DePalma
Meeting Adjourned

Members in attendance:

  • Curt Hiser Brad Troy
  • Greg Casagrande Ed Bannen
  • Bill Tylka Phil Yoder
  • John Clem Dick DePalma
  • Roy Cottrill Jim Holt
  • Ken Ramos Bob Brown
  • Scott Ekey Ed Gillespie
  • Tom Armstrong Ken Smith