Annual Business Meetings 2004

Held March 3, 2004
At Million Air CMH
(Minutes recorded by John Clem, Secretary)
At DCSC Officer’s Club, Columbus , Ohio

Meeting called to order.

Jim Williams, President, presiding
Meeting Opened, Quorum Declared by Secretary John Clem

Guests Welcomed

New member awarded membership cards and pin: #489 Joe Crites

Secretary’s Report

Dispense with reading of previous meeting minutes

Motion: Jim Holt
Second: Bob Tessman
Motion Passed

Treasurer’s Report

Roy Cottrill, substituting for Treasurer Bill Freeman, announced balance of PPA checking account as of 03/03/04 at $486.82. It was noted that the checkbook account register balanced to the bank statement to the penny. A review of cash transactions from the date of transfer of records from the previous Treasurer, [Bob Tessman- Needs to be verified] to the current Treasurer, Bill Freeman, will be conducted by Bob Brown and Judy Stream. The purpose of this review is to verify that all cash is accounted for throughout the period, and that all transactions are reflected in respective bank statements.

Old Business – none

New Business

A. Elect slate of officers for the 2004-2005 term

  • President Scott Siebert
  • Vice President Doug Auld
  • Secretary John Clem
  • Treasurer Bill Freeman

Motion: Roy Cottrill
Second: Joe Crites
Motion Passed

B. Elect two new PPA Trustees to replace
Outgoing Trustees:

Joe Van Houten
Robert Stream
New Trustees:
Jerry Isbell
Jim Williams

Motion: Jerry Eichenberger
Second: Bob Gatto
Motion Passed

C. Jeff Gruber, representing COPAMA, announced their 2nd Annual golf outing to be held at Kyber Run Golf Course on Friday, June 18, 2004. Cost is $50, and it will be a scramble format, with lots of prizes.

D. Jim Holt noted an apparent discrepancy between PPA and COPAMA in the ability to obtain corporate sponsors for monthly meetings. Several ideas were discussed, but no conclusions reached as to what we can do to increase sponsorships. This matter will be taken up at a future meeting of Trustees.

Motion to adjourn by: Jerry Eichenberger
Seconded by: Jim Holt
Meeting Adjourned