Trusees Meeting, August 2001

The PPA Trustees met August 23, 2001 to review the nominations and select a slate of officers to present to the membership during the September 5, 2001 scheduled meeting. Greg Washka, current vice-President, declined to be placed in nomination due to a very heavy workload and involvement in raising a family. He said he would like to continue supporting the PPA and may be able to serve as an officer again in the future. Jim Williams, our current Secretary, has recently retired from his full time position outside of aviation and is actively pursuing a renewed career as a corporate pilot. He now has a little more time to devote to the PPA as an officer. Bob Tessman, current Treasurer, has served tirelessly in many offices, including President, over the last few years and would agree to be placed in nomination for treasurer one more time. New to our list this year, is Scott Seibert and Greg Panzarella. Scott is currently working as a Captain in the Casto/Pizzuti Flight department, and brings a good working knowledge of Excel, Word, and other useful computer and Internet skills needed in the office of Secretary. Greg Panzarella is Chief Pilot for Bob Evans Farms and flies a Westwind based at Million Air (CMH). He has accepted the nomination for President of PPA enthusiastically, and from all accounts of those that know him, he is an outstanding choice for the job.

The trustees wish to thank all of the officers currently serving in the PPA for their efforts over this past year. We had many good meetings and several outstanding programs. We hope to build on that foundation this year. Jerry Eichenberger served as President this last year during a very busy and dynamic period in his law practice. Business travel kept him away from more meetings than he would have liked, but he will retire from the office knowing that he left the PPA a little stronger than when he accepted the gavel.

The Professional Pilots Association Trustees’ slate of officer nominations for the 2001/2002 terms commencing September 5, 2001 and ending September 4, 2002.

  • Gregory S. Panzarella President
  • James B. Williams Vice-President
  • J. Scott Seibert Secretary
  • Robert Tessman Treasurer

Nominations will continue to be accepted from the membership until Tuesday September 4, 2001. Contact your nominee for his or her approval to be placed in nomination and then contact a current officer or trustee to have them placed on the ballot at the September 5, 2001 meeting. If no new nominations are received by the deadline, the trustees will move to close the nominations and ask a vote to accept the slate by acclamation.

Thank you for your support of PPA
Roy A. Cottrill
For the Trustees