Articles Of Incorporation

The Professional Pilots Association, Inc. Articles Of Incorporation

The undersigned, a majority of who are citizens of the United States, desiring to form a non-profit corporation under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of Ohio, do hereby certify:

First.  The name of said corporation shall be Professional Pilots Association, Inc.

Second. The place in this state where the principal office of the corporation is to be located is Columbus, Franklin County.

Third.  The purpose or purposes for which said corporation is formed are fostering and extending the cause of aviation; promoting professionalism in the pilot community; encouraging wise and needful legislation; opposing the enactment of laws and ordinances prejudicial to aviation interests; educating interested parties toward improved flying safety; collecting and disseminating information among the members of said corporation; promoting social intercourse among persons engaged in aviation; and doing any and all things necessary or incident thereto.

Fourth.  The names and addresses of the persons who are to be the initial trustees of the corporation are as follows:



Jack Littlefield 2641 York Road
Columbus, OH 43221
Richard N. White 1701 Alcoy
Columbus, OH 43227
C.J. Kinnas 204 Flint Ridge Drive
Gahanna, OH  43230
John H. Corrier 60 South Harding Rd
Columbus, OH 43209
Jack W. Griese Carpenter Rd.
Gahanna, OH 43230
Wayne O. Kumm 6728 Red Coach Lane
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
G.F. Moser 135 W. Royal Forest Blvd.
Columbus, OH  43214

Fifth. The following persons, (together with the subscribers to these Articles,) are to be the initial members of said corporation upon organization: (list the present 151 members) [Currently 560 and counting]

Sixth.  Memberships in said corporation shall be subject to the following qualifications:

To become a member of the association, a person,

1.  Must hold a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Pilot Certificate and must have logged 1200 hours flying time [Modified by trustee action, to 600 hours], (subject to FAA certification or certification by the Membership Chairman of the Professional Pilots Association, Inc.) and, Shall be, by primary employment, a professional pilot, and, In fulfilling the above requirements may, by application and without further consent of the Board of Trustees, become a member, OR,

2. Must meet FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate and 1200 hour flying requirements as stated above, and, Shall contribute substantially, in the course of his employment, to aviation, and, If such person in the opinion of the Board of Trustees fulfills the above requirements may, by application and with the consent of the Board of Trustee, become a member.

3. Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on each matter properly submitted to the members for their vote, consent, waiver, release, or other action.  A member in good standing is one with dues currently paid.

Seventh.  Professional Pilots Association, Inc.  (PPA, Inc.) will encourage the formation of Chapters of the PPA, Inc. to be organized and operated along similar lines.  Toward this end, PPA, Inc. will provide technical assistance and advise, make available the Articles of Incorporation, Regulations and Bylaws of Trustees as a guide to any interested Chapter.  Also, PPA, Inc.  shall provide at their cost the Trademark “Professional Pilot’s Design” (United States Patent Office-Registry No. 815,641), Membership Card and Decal for use by the chapter membership.  To cover mailing and correspondence costs, PPA, Inc. shall require an annual fee of twenty-five cents per member be paid by the Chapter. [this has never been done]


Note: Bracketed italicized notes are not part of the original document, and indicate changes made over time by Trustee action.


1 January 2002