Bylaws For The Trustees Of The Professional Pilots Association

1. A meeting of the trustees shall, immediately after the adjournment of the members meeting at which the trustees are elected, be held, without notice, at the same place, for the purposes of organization, election of officers of the corporation, and transaction of any other business which shall come before the trustees.

2.  Regular meetings of the trustees shall be held, without notice, at Columbus, at 7 o’clock, P.M. on the first Thursday of each calendar month [changed to 6:30PM on the first Wednesday; most trustees meetings are waived].

3.  Special meetings of the trustees may be called, either by the president (or, in case of his absence or inability to act, or of vacancy in the office of president, by the vice-president), or by any three trustees. All special meetings of the trustees shall be held at Columbus unless a majority of the trustees agree in writing, or by personal presence, to meet elsewhere.  At least seven days prior notice of each special meeting shall (unless waived in writing or by personal presence at the meeting without protest before the meeting or at its commencement) be given to each trustee. Such notice may be given orally or by telephone, telegraph, letter or postal card [E-Mail].  Such notice may be given by the officer or trustees calling the meeting, but the secretary shall give such notice, upon written instruction from such officer or trustees.

4.  A majority of the whole authorized number of trustees shall constitute a quorum for filing a vacancy in the board.  If a quorum be present, then unless otherwise provided by law, the regulations, or these by-laws, a majority of the trustees present may decide any question coming before any meeting of the trustees, but less than a quorum may adjourn the meeting from time to time.

(Here insert any desired additional by-laws, consistent with the articles of incorporation and the regulations).

5.  These by-laws may be amended or repealed, and new by-laws may be adopted, at any meeting of the trustees, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the trustees present, if a quorum is present provided with ten days’ notice of the proposal has been given to all the trustees.

Note: Bracketed, italicized notes are not part of the original document, and indicate changes made over time by trustee action.


1 January 2002