PPA Membership Information

Qualifications to join the Professional Pilots Association: Commercial Pilot with at least 600hrs PIC time and engaged in aviation or closely related industry.

  1. An applicant for membership must fill out an application form. Name, address, contact phone number and E-Mail address are required. This form must be signed by three PPA members or a Trustee that knows the potential member.
  2. A potential new member must attend THREE meetings before being approved.
  3. The membership application must be returned to the PPA Treasurer along with the application fee for processing. The PPA Pin, Card and Sticker will be presented at the next meeting that the new PPA Member attends.
  4. $50.00 (one time) Membership Application Fee  (This includes the following):
    1. PPA Lapel Pin
    2. Engraved PPA Card
    3. Bumper Sticker- PPA Logo
  5. Other costs associated with membership:
    1. First time guests (eligible for PPA membership) and “presenters” meals will be paid by PPA
    2. Unsponsored monthly meetings meal cost $20 for a member or guest
    3. Sponsored Monthly meetings cost $5 for a member or guest
    4. No annual dues
  6. Reservations are required for dinner. See the PPA web site for program details and to register for the meeting.   www.propilots.org   Please call or E-mail and cancel if you are unable to attend.
  7. Members must update any change of home address or E-mail address on the PPA web site to insure the receipt of the monthly newsletter.

RAC 9/6/2006