Trusees Meeting, January 2004

Trustee meeting called by Association President Jim Williams on January 30, 2004 held at the Million Air conference room., 100AM-100PM

Quorum was called with Jim Williams presiding, Trustees Bob Brown and Curt Hiser in attendance and Scott Seibert taking minutes.

Order of Business :

Election of Officers for the Spring election (SEP04-SEP05 term) was discussed. Slate of Candidates to be presented to the membership at February meeting.

Finances were discussed. The trustees decided that Treasurer Bill Freeman and Secretary John Clem will be added to signature authority on the Association checking account, and further that Bob Stream, Bob Tessman and Greg Panzarella would be removed from signature authority. Once Bill Freeman is added to signature authority, he is to make every attempt to obtain at the minimum, yearly bank statements for the previous two years, and see if some reconciliation of the checking account can be accomplished. It was further decided that the membership would be queried for a qualified individual to perform an audit of the PPA checking account, preferably every two years.

The decision was taken to replace Bob Stream and Joe Van Houten as Trustees and seek candidates in time for the February membership meeting in order to return the total number of Trustees on the board back to seven.

J. Scott Seibert
PPA Vice President
30 JAN 04