Professional Pilots Association Regulations

Article I:  Meeting of Members

(a) Annual Meetings.  The annual meeting of the members of this corporation shall be held at Columbus, at 7 o’clock P.M., on the first Thursday in January of each year [6:30PMon the first Wednesday in January], beginning with the calendar year of 1970.

(b)  Regular Meetings.  Monthly meetings shall be held at Columbus, on the first Thursday at 7 o’clock P.M. [first Wednesday at 6:30PM].

(c)  Special Meetings of the members may be called by the President, or in the case of his absence, death or disability the Vice-President, the Trustees acting at a meeting or a majority of the Trustees acting without a meeting, or by 50 percent of the voting members, by written notice, given at least seven days before the date of such meeting, to each member, by mail, at his address as it appears on the records of the corporation, or by publication once, at least seven days before the date of such meeting, in some newspaper published in Columbus, Ohio.

(d)  Quorum.  At all meetings voting members present shall constitute a quorum, except as otherwise provided by the statutes of Ohio.

Article II:  Trustees

The number of trustees shall be seven or such other number not less than three, as may be fixed by the members from time to time at the annual meeting or other meeting held for the election of trustees. At least two trustees, as elected by a majority of the trustees and with the consent of the individual trustee, shall hold office for two consecutive years.  The election of trustees shall be held at the annual meeting of members, or, if trustees be not then elected, or if the annual meeting were not held at the time fixed therefore in these regulations, then at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Each trustee, except as noted above, shall hold office until the date fixed by these regulations for the annual meeting of members next following the election of such trustee, and until his successor is elected and qualified or until his earlier resignation, removal from office, or death.  The trustees named in the articles of incorporation shall hold office until the time fixed for the first annual meeting of members, and until the successors of such trustees are elected and qualified. [Note: trustees in recent years have been elected or appointed from the pool of ex-presidents]Article III:  Officers

The officers of this corporation shall be a president who shall be one of the trustees, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, safety and program chairman, membership chairman and a public relations chairman [modified by trustee action; President to be elected from membership during spring elections, along with other officers, duties of safety officer and program chairman are to be assumed by the trustees]. Said officers shall be chosen [nominated] by the trustees [and elected] by majority vote [of the membership], and shall hold office until the date fixed by these regulations for the annual meeting [spring elections] of the members next following the election of such officers, and until their successors are elected and qualified [officers elected each spring shall serve from September until September the next year].

Article IV:  Duties of Officers

(a)  President.  The president shall preside at all meetings of the members and trustees, sign the record thereof, and perform generally all the duties usually performed by presidents of like corporations, and such other and further duties as shall be from time to time required of him by the trustees.

(b) Vice-President.  The vice-president shall perform all the duties of the president in case of the absence, death or disability of the latter. In case both president and vice-president are absent, or unable to perform their duties, the trustees, may appoint a president pro tempore.  Perform the duties of Social Chairman, which will include but not be limited to arranging meeting places and facilities, catering, supervise acquiring and dispensing of refreshments.

(c) Secretary.  The secretary shall keep minutes of all the proceedings of the members and trustees of this corporation and make a proper record of the same, which shall be attested by him, and generally shall perform such duties as may be required of him by the trustees.

(d) Treasurer. The treasurer shall receive and have in charge all moneys and securities belonging to this corporation and shall disburse, or otherwise deal with, the same as shall be ordered by the trustees. He shall keep an accurate account of all moneys received and disbursed by him, and shall generally perform such duties as may be requires of him by the trustees.  On the expiration of his term of office he shall turn over to his successor, or to the trustees, all of the money and property of this corporation in his hands.

(e) Safety and Program Chairman [all officers and trustees, with the president coordinating the scheduling of events and programs].  The safety and program chairman shall be responsible for arranging and presenting timely and interesting educational programs, personalities and articles to the membership and other interested parties covering flying, safety and all other pertinent subjects deemed of interest.

(f) Membership Chairman [see above].  The membership chairman will solicit, promote and enroll new members.  He shall keep current the membership book.

(g) Public Relations Chairman [see above].  The public relations chairman shall promote aviation, handle releases to news and other media, perform all duties necessary to foster and extend a good public image, supervise the collecting and dissemination of information effecting aviation legislation, promote social intercourse among persons engaged in aviation; and do any and all things necessary or incident thereto.

Article V:  Initiation Fee and Dues

Each member shall pay an initiation fee of ten dollars [$45.00 forty five] within ten days after his election [admission as a member], and in case of his failure so to do; said election shall be void.  The annual dues of the members shall be twelve dollars [$10.00 currently], payable the first month of each calendar year [payable from September through January each year].  Failure to pay dues within thirty days after the same [January] are due and payable will result in suspension of the members voting right until dues are currently paid and may be cause for expulsion. [Note: retired members do not owe annual dues]

Article VI:  Suspension and Expulsion of Members

Any member may be suspended or expelled by the trustees for failure to pay dues, or for conduct unbecoming a member.  Before any member is suspended or expelled, written notice of the charge against him, and of the time and place of the meeting of the trustees at which the same are to be considered, shall be mailed to him at his address as it appears in the records of the corporation, at least ten days before such meeting; and he shall be given an opportunity to defend, and shall have the right to appeal from the decision of the trustees to the members, and upon his written request the secretary shall call a special meeting of the members to consider such appeal.

Article VII:  Order of Business

Unless this regulation is suspended by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the members, the order of business at all members’ meetings shall be as follows:

(1) Reading of the minutes of the last preceding members’ meeting.

(2) Reading of reports and statements.

(3) Unfinished business.

(4) Election of trustees, if in order at the meeting in question.

(5) New or miscellaneous business.

Article VIII:  Amendments

These regulations may be amended, supplemented or repealed by the written assent thereto of two-thirds of the voting members of this corporation, or by majority vote of the members present at a meeting called for that purpose, or at any annual meeting of the members.

We the undersigned, voting members of Professional Pilots Association, Inc., do hereby approve the adoption of the foregoing regulations for the government of said corporation.

Columbus, Ohio, January      , 1970

Note: Bracketed, italicized notes are not part of the original document, and indicate changes made over time by the trustees.


1 January 2002